Turbo and Nos Connexion established in 2000, is a leading retailer of performance parts specialising in 4-and 6- cylinder cars. The company is currently owned by Mohamed Dawood, a qualified motor mechanic by trade and a keen motor racing enthusiast himself. His technical acumen coupled with his experience in the industry and drag racing fraternity (holds the SA record in the B-funny category) and extreme passion for the sport provides the opportunity for the novice and old hand hard core drag racer to bounce off ideas with him.

Participating in a sport as competitive as drag racing, where a thousandth of a second determines whether you win or lose, it is imperative that racers have access to a wide selection of the latest and most reliable performance parts at competitive prices. For this reason, we continually keep abreast of industry trends both locally and globally and do our best to provide South African racers access to the latest performance parts available in the market. We ensure that we build partnerships with reputable suppliers worldwide and are currently the sole dealers in South Africa for ARP, Arias Pistons, Aeromotive, Cp Pistons, Cometic gaskets, Innovate Motorsports, Precision turbos, Supertech, Strange, Turbosmart, Traum Pistons and MSD ignition. These partnerships allow us to negotiate competitive price structures which we pass onto our clients, both retail and wholesale.

We carry a wide range of stock on hand ranging from pistons, Connecting rods, combination turbo's, nitrous kits, and much more. We do however also ship frequently from the United States making it easy and quick to assist clients with specialist performance parts requirements.

We take pride in our company ethos, don’t believe in taking short cuts, and will not compromise on the quality of products for the sake of maximising profits. We aspire to conduct business in a manner that is mutually beneficial and welcome you to contact us if you have any other questions about us or the products we sell.